Construction/ Project Management

Our Project Management services encompass all phases of the construction process fro pre-construction to close-out including:
• Constructability Review
• Pre-Proposal Meeting
• Bidding and Negotiation
• Pre-Construction Conference
• Construction Management / Site Supervision
• Scope Development
• Schedule Management
• Cost Control
• Quality Control

Pre-Construction Phase


Constructibility Review

At Thirty6 our Construction Managers want your project to be successful. One strategy for a successful project is to begin with a clear and complete set of Construction Documents. An important step to having a complete set of Construction Documents is to have them thoroughly reviewed by construction professionals and corrected BEFORE they are advertised for bid. Our experienced Construction Managers can help by reviewing your Construction Documents to determine if there are built-in problems, flaws that may impede construction or factors that may have negative impacts to time, cost or quality.

Constructability Review — a Project Management technique to review Construction Documents during the pre-construction phase to identify obstacles before a project is built in order to reduce errors, delays, and cost overruns and to make certain that the project requirements are clear, the documents are coordinated, and that they assist the contractor in bidding, construction and project administration.


Pre-Proposal Conference

Thirty6 will prepare Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from contractors to perform work on the Project and facilitate a Pre-Proposal Conference to brief prospective contractors after a solicitation has been issued but before proposals are submitted. Generally, these conferences help to explain or clarify specifications and requirements and promote uniform interpretation of Statements of Work and specifications by all prospective contractors.

Bidding and Negotiation

Our Consultants will review, and consult with the Client regarding bid packages received from Contractors and participate in negotiations.


Pre-Construction Conference

Before the first hardhat is donned we will facilitate a meeting with the Client, Contractor and stakeholders to review and discuss the Project and develop a consensus regarding budget, schedule, and construction objectives, contract requirements and any items peculiar to the project. Prior to this meeting the Consultant will study the plans and specifications and become familiar with the project site to be well informed as to the requirements and existing conditions.

Construction Phase


Construction Management / Site Supervision

• Construction Administration

During construction our Consultants will provide administrative, management and related services to coordinate scheduled activities of contractors. We will manage the Project in accordance with the latest approved Client’s budget, the Project schedule and the contract documents. We will always use best efforts to obtain satisfactory performance from each contractor and recommend courses of action if and when requirements of a contract are not being fulfilled.

• Progress Reports

Our team is exceptional at providing detailed written progress reports describing work completed in terms of percentage of work completed to-date, cost of work completed to-date, percentage of budget utilized to-date, change orders requested and approved all in a format that is easily understood by our Client’s and Stakeholders.


• Pay Applications

We can develop and implement procedures for the review and processing of applications for payment from any contractor working on the Project.


• Change Orders

We will review requests for changes, assist in negotiating change order proposals, submit recommendations to the Client, and, if they are accepted, review change orders, construction change directives or other contract modifications.

• Submittals

In collaboration with the design team and the contractors selected to work on the Project, we can establish and implement procedures for processing and approval of shop drawings, product data, samples and other submittals.


Scope Development

The Scope of Work (SOW) is the area in an agreement where the work to be performed is described. For projects both large and small, the cost estimate and base-line schedule for executing the project is based on the scope of work. It is imperative that the Scope of Work be accurate, thorough and detailed. At Thirty6, our Consultants have written literally hundreds of construction Scopes of Work. We know how to frame the project, identify the contractor's responsibilities, articulate contract goals and project requirements and provide enough detail to estimate labor costs and time. We pride ourselves on being able to present — in a clear manner — all essential and related tasks, duties, and limitations in order to obtain expected results in accordance with the project objectives.


Schedule Management
• Construction Schedule Development

Our highly skilled team of professionals work closely with Superintendents and Project Managers to develop a precise plan of execution — the Baseline Schedule — which is customized to meet the Project’s requirements. Once the Baseline Schedule is established, we are ready to update the schedule on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.


• Schedule Monitoring and Updating

Our team of Schedulers work closely with or even serve as Superintendents and Project Managers to accurately update the Schedule to reflect actual progress and to produce correct Payment Applications. Our time-tested update process stream-lines Pay Applications and quickly identifies any pressing issues that need resolution. We can also update and reissue the Project Schedule as required to show current conditions. If an update indicates that the previously approved Project Schedule may not be met, our experienced Consultants can recommend corrective action to the Client.

• Construction Schedule Acceleration

When you have a schedule that has fallen behind, the correct course of action is critical to regain lost time and meet the Completion date. You may need additional crews, resources, overtime, a revised sequencing plan, or all of the above. Our team of experts can help determine the most efficient methods to accelerate the project.

Cost Control

To ensure that Contractors are billing our Clients correctly each billing cycle, our team of professionals verify that the amount billed is commensurate with the amount of progress earned. We will monitor the project to ensure that the actual costs for activities in progress and estimated costs for uncompleted tasks are in line with the approved budget. If there are any discrepancies, our team of experts can make recommendations to avoid cost overruns.


Quality Control

Determine in general that the work performed by any contractors engaged on the Project is being performed in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents. We make it a priority to guard the Client against defects and deficiencies in the work.


Often, the last 10% o the project can requires what seems like 90% of the effort. Our Consultants will coordinate the correction and completion of Client-generated punch list work. Following issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Completion of the work, we will evaluate and coordinate the completion of the work and make recommendations to the Client when work is ready for final inspection and assist in conducting final inspections.